5 Strategies to keep customer loyalty in a Health Service Business?

Health is a dynamic process because it is always changing. We all have times of good health, times of sickness, and maybe even times of serious illness.


The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has upended the lives of children, elders, people with pre-existing sickness and their families as health systems buckle, borders close, and schools and businesses shutter.  

This virus a force to be reckoned with is affecting and killing human lives more than we can ever imagine and crippling our health care system all around the world.

A pandemic that is challenging the human existence and wiping everything, lives, finance since the last disaster of the World War.

We have nowhere else to go.

Businesses are closing and everybody is expecting the next wave of the financial crisis that could fall the economy of every country.

Panic buying is everywhere as the government implemented strict quarantines and lockdowns. People would grab and buy their essential needs such as alcohol, toilet paper, vitamins; disinfectant would go out of stock.


Health insurance is so important to daily life. Especially now that we are facing the biggest enemy in the world, the COVID-19.

Many employers in our country the Philippines is a partner with renowned health maintenance organizations (HMOs) to give their employees the security they need to avoid the worst scenarios. Most importantly now, it is the most prioritized benefit that you can give for an employee and your loved ones.

Even with our own families, we need this now. Also, HMOs are a type of insurance provider that works with a network of physicians to give the subscribers under its coverage basic and supplemental health and medical care in times of need.

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Many businesses are closing and let us face it more Health programs are more popular than ever today. People look for services that will provide safety for their loved ones. Moreover, with this, they will look for someone that can give them options to customize specific elements of their benefits packages and empower their selves with the ability to better manage and control their health.  

The different consumer has different priorities and attitudes when it comes to health and wellness, and how they view the services they consume.

After-sales service is most important nowadays for consumers. Service quality is more difficult to measure than for products.  

Facing the challenges that we are having today. Businesses are struggling to run and maintain their business effectively.

If you are in a Health Service business and you wanted to keep your income. You need to find ways for your business to continue running.

Here are some ways that you can use to create and keep up customer loyalty, you may consider implementing 5 of these strategies:

1.Communicating with your customers by setting up ways

Frequent communication with your customers keeps you fresh in their minds and lets you pass along important information.

2. Provide special benefits to your most loyal customers

One of the best—and perhaps one of the cheapest—ways to reward customer loyalty is to give extra perks to the most dependable clients. Customers love getting a little something extra.

3. Provide great customer service

Customers remember when they are treated well, and they remember when they are treated poorly. In either case, they usually tell their friends and family, and that either can mean more business for you or lost business opportunities.

4. Don’t rely too much on technology

Even in our technologically advanced society filled with text messages and emails, we still want the ability to interact with other human beings. This is why it’s important to keep in mind that while automated cellphone systems may save money, highly trained customer service representatives build loyalty.

5. Give customers a reason to be loyal

Customers go to great lengths to prove just how much they love their provider, if you offer a service that your customers think is the best in the world, they’ll be completely devoted with a passion that can’t be topped.

In today’s health business climate, it is impossible to stress just how important customer loyalty is. Creating loyal customers who will be happy to frequently get this kind of service for many years to come.

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synergy company profile

Companies like Synergy Expertise is more than 15 years in the Service Industry in the Philippines. The company is an expert in providing and facilitating health and life program their aim is by continuously improving Service Quality, doing a better job of meeting customer requirements; and gain a better understanding of customer specifications.

The health care sector in the Philippines has seen active growth in mergers like hospitals and clinics. Synergy Expertise Inc. offers assistance in managing the health care component in a timely and most viable alternative in re-configuring the consumer’s health care package.

The company’s strength lies in tailor fitting their health insurance program following the relevant needs of the employees and its clients; while providing them with the efficiency of personalized service (in terms of collection, claims and other related issues) at no additional cost to their business.

As we face this deadly virus COVID-19 I am sure everyone will agree that Health is the most important in life today.

It is true that to maintain good health we need money but also to earn money we need good health.

Ochie Suenaga

A freelance blogger, metaphysics practitioner on Feng Shui, Bazi, and QiMen. The zeal of Mastering Anything.

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  1. chikako yoshimura says:

    This pandemic the COVID-19 is affecting not more than just our physical health, it’s impacting our mental health as well. What we can contribute to our community as an individual and part of humanity that is struggling to live and face the new Norm, is to help ourselves and others as well to continue the awareness of what is happening around us. By maintaining social distancing and staying at home. Is an assurance that we could save each other’s lives. sulat👍

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