How do we respond in a stressful situation or when we are confronted with an unexpected situation that comes to our lives? How can we take back control of our anxiety occurring at irregular intervals, scattered or isolated, and getting in the way of our focus or everyday routines? We are all in this kind of situation feeling worried and the kind of fear on the negative impact, which been brought about by the economic crisis.

The whole world is in the midst of the coronavirus crisis and everyone already been affected. We are all facing stress and asking what is yet to come? Businesses have been shutting down. The financial crisis that we are facing globally. Being unemployed declaring by millions of people. Many questions have been asking, how am I going to pay my bills? Will I still maintain my job? When will this crisis end? I is no exemption here. We are all staying at home on the advice of our government to prevent the virus from spreading and to keep everybody safe.

We are in a situation that our negative thoughts can twist out of shape to our mental health. Our sanity can be out of normal where the fact or condition will become more severe. Living in anxiety and disorder could lead to an emotional toll. But identifying our triggers can take some time to pause, relax, breathe. There are things that we can do to control and try to help us be calm and taking over from anxiety.

One thing that I do is to challenge Fear and not allowing to conquer me. However, there are certain times that I am having anxious thoughts and it is frightening. But even we are facing this crisis we have to manage the anxiety and fears. We need to take time to focus our minds to relieve our anxiety.

Identifying the triggers can take some meditation and assessing ourselves to think about something. We all have different triggers and indicating them is important to coping and managing anxiety attacks.

We do not know exactly how bad the impact may be to others and how they handle and I know it is one of the hardest things to do and how to make it easy. But this is what I did to overcome and still doing it to control anxiety:

  1. I learned a new skill. Since my present job is a marketing consultant. I have searched online and enrolled on how to be a professional blogger and making my blog website. I can use blogging as a tool for marketing online. To keep my mind busy on writing content. It is a good exercise for the memory.
  2. Another form of exercise, I sometimes do some dance routines. Releasing those sweat and toxins out of your body makes me feel good.
  3. I stay connected by talking to my loved ones through internet calls and messaging. Keeping connected to my girlfriend, family, friends helped in preventing me from feeling depressed. We must reach out for support when we need it even we are isolated that can prevent us from having a negative feeling.
  4. Stay informed on the news of what is happening around us. However, there are also a lot of misinformation spreading around social media. It is better and important to be selective about what you read or watch.
  5. Take good care of your body, mind, and spirit. Eating healthy food, take some time on self-reflection to help you calm down. Getting plenty of sleep (although I usually do not do this because I am a nocturnal person).

These are some tips that maybe you have been doing it already or if not yet, you can consider doing it now. Also, most of all do the activities that you enjoy. As long as it takes out all your worries. It does not matter what you do (just do not do the illegal ones). At times like this, we are caught easily in our fears, worries, and concerns.

Taking action to make good changes to yourself rather than reacting to bad things that may happen to you.