The Joey Yap Store is the premier online destination for Feng Shui enthusiasts, beginners, and students to get the Feng Shui resources they need. With over 182 titles of books and other Chinese Metaphysics-related products available for purchase, the Joey Yap Store contains a wide variety of titles on subjects like Annual Forecasting, Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia, BaZi, Date Selection, Face Reading, Chinese Astrology, Yi Jing and other helpful Feng Shui tools.

The Joey Yap Store is one way how Dato’ Joey Yap, the world-renowned Chinese Metaphysics expert and best-selling author, is able to share his classical knowledge and teachings to the world.

The Joey Yap Book Club is one the main entities that manages the Joey Yap Store. The brainchild of Dato’ Joey Yap, The Joey Yap Book Club enables Dato’ Joey Yap to reach out to his audience better by hosting discussions, announcing latest book releases and ground-breaking events, and sharing practical application tips and latest metaphysical discoveries – all in one place.

The Joey Yap Book Club is made for YOU and it is updated by The Joey Yap Team on behalf of Dato’ Joey Yap.

What You`ll Learn
  Plot your personal BaZi (Destiny Code) Chart
Understand your character and personality model
Determine your favorable or unfavorable career options
Analyze your Wealth potential and capacity of your life
Maximize your opportunities in life
Discover and utilize your hidden talents
Improve personal and family relationships
Optimize your performance
What You`ll Learn
– What drives and motivates your child based on their individual Day Master personalities.
– To better observe your child’s unique temperament and guide them to better life and career choices.
– Which parent has a better affinity with the child to help inject important values and ideals.

– To better understand how your child engages with their social environment and assist them in enrolling for programs and courses that better suits them
What You`ll Learn
Who you are and what motivates you, as defined by your Day Master,
and how to manage your strengths.
Understanding what career roles are best suited for you, what approach you usually take when interacting with others.

Roles or Profiles do you perform best as an individual and how you should communicate with people at your workplace.
How to organize your goals, identify your motivations, and setting them in motion to make it happen.
What You`ll Learn
Learn about the elements that make up Chinese customs and what they represent.
Explore the history and development of Chinese traditions over the centuries: find out where traditions came from and see how they’ve changed over time.
Discover the Chinese ceremonies that celebrate the important milestones in life including birthdays, weddings, and more!
Follow detailed step by step guides on how to conduct various ceremonies, just as others have for thousands of years.
Learn the intricacies of conducting business with the Chinese population of countries like China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Discover the roots and gain a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture, whether you are Chinese or western educated.


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