Freight forwarding might seem difficult to deal with expectations.  especially if you’re not familiar with the process, but there are some facts that you must need to know about freight forwarding and that will help you through the process.

When shipping products internationally, many things need to be considered; procedures are far more complex than for local shipments. There are a lot of additional custom regulations that should be followed and a huge amount of paperwork that needs to be sorted out. Moreover, you also need to consider the shipment costs and time it will take for the shipment to reach different destinations.

Certain things need to be processed like shipping cargos in and out of our country the Philippines. In this year 2020 and in a global situation that we are in because of the COVID-19, shipping and delivery time is longer than the usual.

But in a nutshell, doing business overseas there are certain requirements that every shipper must comply with.

There are main things to remember when sending an overseas shipment are as follows:

1. Custom Regulations

The very first thing to consider when you are sending cargo/shipments is the custom regulation at the destination. All products that are shipped internationally, regardless of the medium of shipment, will be required to clear customs. The role of your broker is to appropriately fulfill paper works, one for the country of origin and the other is for the destination. We use agents to comply and complete the requirements at the country of destination to release the cargo.

To learn more about the Philippine government customs., click this.

2.Custom Fees

When products are being shipped internationally, a fee is charged by the customs department. Depending on the value of the product and the country where it is being shipped to, this fee varies widely. You will have to pay more fees if your product is of high value. Therefore, it is necessary to check the custom fee rates of different countries before shipping your product. Moreover, Customs Clearance, Duty, and Taxes. It’s important to note, that destination charges do not include customs clearance or duty and taxes.

3. Packaging

Depending on the country where your shipment is being sent, you will be required to handle the packaging accordingly. The goods should be carefully packed and labeled accurately. If you are unclear about what you have to do, you should consider hiring the freight forwarding company that handles packaging as well.

4.Time of Transit

When shipping products internationally, it is very important to determine the date you want them to be delivered and plan your shipment carefully with your Forwarder. In international shipment, there are far more chances of your shipment getting delayed. Also, depending on what you are sending, as well for the unexpected settlements on the country of destination regarding their policies in payments, so prepare accordingly.

5. Restricted Items

A lot of items are restricted in some countries so you should consider this before you send or receive your shipment. You need to check the restricted items list of both countries; where you live and where the shipment is headed and vice versa. If the item you are sending or receiving is on the list of any one of the countries, the custom personnel will likely restrict it for an indefinite period.

6. Insurance

The risk of damages is quite high in international shipments. Therefore, it is far safer to get your shipment insured for damages and accidents, especially if they are highly valuable. Even if you think it is unnecessary, it is a financial safety net that can save you from a lot of potential problems.

7. Shipment Rules of Perishables

If you are sending perishable goods, there are some definite rules in that case which you will be required to follow. The type and quantity of products allowed to be shipped varies depending on the country of shipment and your own country.

8. Shipment of Animals and Plants

If you are shipping animals and/or plants, several additional shipment forms need to be filled out beforehand. Also, the shipping company you select will have to be more reliable and experienced in handling shipment of living creatures, taking good care of them throughout the journey.

Cargoship Incorporated a freight forwarding company that is transparent to share all the necessary information to help clients make sure they had everything sorted out if they decide to ship a product internationally.

Among their responsibilities is to assist, secure, and monitor that your precious cargo will reach its destination, so it is very important to them that they establish a good working relationship with their clients. They will assure you that when you choose their company.

You can trust and rely on them, they are trying their best to serve with flawless customer service that your cargo shipments arrive safely and on time. Despite the inevitable turn of events. They will provide appropriate solutions and alternatives and to continuously follow up to ensure resolution. Cargoship Incorporated is based on mutual trust that will give the clients peace of mind and giving you “Service Quality.”  


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